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We are very happy to address to our website’s visitors this message, in order to share with them the wonder of God in our diocese.

Just after my Episcopal ordination, I started my pastoral activities with the priest days, which took place in Idiofa, from the 18th  to the 21st of August 2009, followed immediately by the “GAR” session (Management Centered on the Results) organized from 22nd  to the 24th  of the same month.

From all these meetings and gatherings emerged a kind of consensus regarding the will of “RENEWAL”. We understood immediately that the renewal needs to be situated in a sort of needle: “It’s to the old rope that they tie the new one.”

Indeed, the diocese of Idiofa reveals, by its archives and its infrastructures, so many potentialities to exploit absolutely.

The renewal we are talking about and that we are wishing is above all in the mind, so in the heart. " Beto ta bonga kana ntima na beto me bonga ."(We translate: We will be better if we can change our hearts”).  The Pope Benedict XVI, in his Encyclical “Caritas in Veritate”, underlined and insisted on this extraordinary strength of love, which is able to move the mountains.

Yes, our difficulties are numerous and much known. But our probabilities to succeed are not least.

My casual visit (from Idiofa) to Matshi (and also Loange Video), passing through Mwilambongo, Kipuku, Koshibanda… and my canonical visit in  the North  of the diocese (Bulwem, Mbeo, Kalo, Mateko, Mokala, Longwama, Eolo, Panu and Mutoy), after the school inauguration in the Minor Seminary  of Laba (on the October 1st, 2009)... have strengthened  my passion to serve and my rage to defeat.

The trip to Matshi was motivated by the desire of encouraging three young missionaries’ sisters of the Sacred Heart.  Among them, there were two Indians and one Congolese. This little journey, but meaningful, was the echo of an Episcopal ministry that doesn't confine itself in a fixed shape. In several places they told me: " it would be better for you to announce your visit and tell us that you would come . But let me tell you: "WE will not always announce or tell our visit in the parishes” : " Pisekopo ke nzenza ve . Yandi ke mpangi na kati ya bampangi.  Diocese kele bwala na yandi." (We translate: “The bishop is not a strange; He is a brother among other brothers. The diocese is his home”).

I was nice indeed to find some priests in the holding service. Anyway, I did suffer to notice some cases of absence (justified maybe). I prefer to satirize by saying: “It was necessary to announce my visit in order to find everybody in the parish (perhaps)".

The second trip ( which had an official character),  I did it to  the Minor  Seminary of Laba, where I went for the opening school year, in the feast  of Saint Theresa , the Patron  of this institution. The seminary is the pupil of the bishop's eye. I was very happy to meet all these young boys, their teachers and all the persons who are collaborating to the educational duty in this "Alma Mater". In my message to them, I insisted on the necessity of taking advantage of the present time (the time of formation), to learn so seriously and to follow the way the educators are showing. We attracted the attention of these young boys on the fact that “tomorrow will be made by what they are doing today”. And also, we called to mind this other proverb:  “ If the youth could know, the old age would be able to."

The third pastoral trip brought us to the pastoral region of Mateko, in the extreme North of the diocese. I could touch with my fingers the reality of this big diocese.

During this pastoral visit I conferred the Sacrament of the confirmation to about 1.700 people. The majority of them were young boys.

We can remember with joy several moments and aspects of this visit: cordial welcome, living celebrations, straightforward exchanges, convivial meals… There were really the ecclesiastic moments of a deep joy, which let us forget the difficulties of the road.

Turning back to this aspect (of the road), as you can realize by watching the movie above, in so many places the tracks of roads aren’t so much good. It is with pain that the jeep can pass over there. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why the jeeps we are using for the ministry don't last.

One of the very significant moments of this visit was my meeting with the retired bishop Louis Mbwol in his village (Iter), where is spending his time by organizing some initiatives in the development field, for the sake of the village. We prayed together in his chapel.

At the end of this visit, let me say that honestly there are so many reasons to be optimist and hopeful, even if something else needs to be corrected or changed.

In fact, The diocese of Idiofa must turn toward the future. The future means fraternity, complementarity, efficiency, expertise…We are all invited  to come out of our narrowness of view.

The renewal is in the rational use of our rich diversity.

+ José Moko Ekanga,

Bishop of Idiofa. -


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